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Energy and Emissions

The world currently relies on hydrocarbons to reliably meet energy needs, but we recognize and expect that future energy demand will continue to be met in part by a growing proportion of renewable energy sources. While continuing to deliver natural gas solutions, the Company pursues and will continue to pursue opportunities that benefit the global effort to address climate change, including:

  • 确定我们业务中的经济能源和减少机会;
  • 确定节能采购机会;和
  • 探索新的低碳能源产品和服务解决方案。

We have made it our responsibility to understand the environmental impact of our operations and work towards minimizing our footprint, including by:

  • 本公司GHG排放的自愿报告;
  • 在公司,制造和现场地点实施回收和其他废物管理举措;
  • Reducing air emissions in all manufacturing facilities by transitioning to low VOC paint and VOC free thinner;
  • Implementing policies to avoid standby running for vehicles and operating equipment; and
  • Lowering our usage of freshwater by:
    • 授权使用回收水进行压力测试船舶和美国制造工厂的压力洗涤;和
    • Local initiatives, such as using collected rainwater for pressure washing certain compressor packages in Colombia.


  • 识别能够在整个Enerflex设施和舰队中加强环境绩效的机会。
  • Helping achieve the Company's 2020 goal of quantifying its global Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions inventory.
  • Expanding collaboration across our organization and operations to identify and evaluate key environmental risks and opportunities for our business.
  • 帮助开发ESG披露,以促进利益相关者的期望。

Throughout 2020, climate-related risks and opportunities were further integrated into Enerflex’s strategic planning and investment decisions. In early 2021, theBoard appointed a Chief Energy Transition Officer, responsible for progressing the Company’s energy transition strategy, and identifying, evaluating, and driving low-carbon energy product and service solutions.

全球范围1和2排放1 SASB代码
总体全球范围1排放量(TCO2e) 2,390,000 EM-MD-110A.1
全球范围1排放(由业务部门)(TCO2e) n/a
•工程系统 180 n/a
• 服务 4.0,300 n/a
•出租 2,350,000 n/a
Percentage methane (CH4. 15.8% EM-MD-110A.1
全球总范围2排放量(TCO2e) 11,100. n/a
组合总体范围1和2排放量(TCO2e) 2,400,000 n/a
Scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity per revenue (TCO2E / $ M收入) 1,881 n/a
对排放管理的探讨 看看“描述的描述
Business – Environmental
section of AIF2
em - sv - 110 a

能源消耗3. SASB代码
Total fuel consumed (GJ) 35,620,000 EM-SV-110A.1
•可再生百分比 0% EM-SV-110A.1
•在路面设备和车辆中使用的百分比 0.5% EM-SV-110A.1
•在越野设备中使用的百分比 99.5% EM-SV-110A.1
满足非公路柴油发动机排放的第4层合规性的服务中的发动机百分比 5.4..5%4. em - sv - 110 a
Total electricity consumed (MWh) 16,500 n/a
•可再生百分比5. 39.8% n/a
消耗的能量(燃料和电力)(MWH) 9,910,000 n/a

1Enerflex has defined Scope 1 and 2 emissions according to the methodology contained in the GHG Protocol (March 2004). Scope 1 emissions include all emissions from sources owned or controlled by Enerflex. Thus, Enerflex has included the emissions from its contract compression fleet in its Scope 1 emissions, even though such units are operated and controlled by the customer. Scope 2 emissions include all indirect emissions resulting from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by Enerflex. Enerflex has calculated Scope 1 and 2 emissions using the industry-specific calculation methodology set forth in the API Compendium (August 2009), including only CO2,CH.4.和n2o(其他京都协议气体的排放被视为无关紧要)。

2EnerflexAnnual Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2020, dated February 24, 2021.